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Its Your Neighborhood That Matters

Once you start researching the real story of criminality and poverty in this country, you can’t help feeling a bit overwhelmed. It’s mountains and mountains of often conflicting data. This is why today we go straight at the heart of the matter. More exactly you’ll learn precisely what to do in order to find out just how dangerous your neighborhood is. How? Well for start we’re gonna ditch the FBI with their screwy statistics and we’ll turn instead to the people that have made it their business […]

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The Importance of Self Control

Here’s a quick question for you. Have you ever started a fight? Walk to someone and challenge them to the point they had no alternative but fight back or bail? Did you? Your most likely answer will be no and you will be a bit confused as to why you’re asked this question on a self-defense site. After all, you ended up here because you were afraid of being attacked, right? Fair enough. But I just wanted to point out that violence is one sloppy Giuseppe that’s […]

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The Five Rules of an Effective Technique

No matter what self-defense technique you want to use in order to get out of trouble, your “weapon of choice” needs to abide to these five basic rules. This is not because I want to impose anything on you, but goes without saying that if you can’t use this technique to save your life, then there’s not much point in using it in the first place. You will see that the rules apply to basically any self-defense technique you might think of. 1. A good technique will […]

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