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The Importance of Reacting Fast Without Hesitation when in Danger

You know what’s the difference between having or losing your front teeth? The half a second it takes for the attacker to punch you in the face. Or steal your bag, punch you in the stomach, stab you or God know what else. Violent crimes are not complicated combinations of skill and deceit- they’re just very quick acts of violence that will be very effective if you’re caught off guard. Thinking fast and responding fast are thus of the essence. First thing first, conditioning is very important. […]

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The Dangers And Solutions To Small Crime Part 1 Burglaries

Real security requires a realistic look at the world. No way around it. The truth is that although serious crimes do happen, the bulk of criminal activity in this country is not actually under FBI’s radar. Nonetheless becoming a victim to a “small” crime is still a pretty traumatic event. This is why today we kick off with a series highlighting the lesser, but much more common threats that we all face on a daily basis. Today’s article will deal with burglaries, people stealing stuff from your […]

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An In depth Look at Situational Awareness

As outlined before, the kicking and screaming part of combat are actually the culmination of a long and predictable process. This means that at every step before that happens you will have the opportunity to stop the conflict. But in order to do this, you need to be aware of the situation and take the correct decision and this is where situational awareness comes in. Situational awareness is every person’s capacity of understanding a specific situation and making the best decision about it. We use soft versions […]

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